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Biography of John M. Casci D.C.

John Michael Casci was born and raised in the mountain city of Reno, Nevada.  Growing up, he developed a love of the outdoors, playing sports and sports training.  He attended the University of Nevada, Reno after his high school graduation.

Dr. Casci started his career as a sports fitness trainer, applying his knowledge as an athlete, to his clients.  His love of chiropractic became apparent while doing rehabilitation work with a chiropractor. This sparked his interest in the field of chiropractic and its benefits.  Dr. Casci went on to attend the Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles.

While attending Cleveland Chiropractic College, Dr. Casci received numerous awards.  For his academic excellence, he achieved Dean’s List honors several times.  In addition, he was one of only six students chosen to treat patients at the University of Southern California, On Campus Health Center.

Having suffered a severe low back injury while in chiropractic school, Dr. Casci realized first hand the benefits of chiropractic treatments.  He was not only pain free,  but he felt better than he had prior to his injury.  He looks at this injury as a blessing, because it has helped him sympathize with and treat those in pain.

Dr. Casci combines his passion for sports and sports training with his knowledge of chiropractic care. Through chiropractic care, flexibility training and exercise, he not only treats the patient’s complaints, but increases their flexibility and range of motion, while closing the door on future injuries.

When he’s not busy treating patients, Dr. Casci enjoys serving the community.  He  works with local fitness trainers and gyms in the Pasadena area and also teaches a stretching and mobility class once a week.  He has served as a field doctor to local high school football teams, along with having served as a Varisty Football coach for Blair High School in Pasadena.  Dr. Casci is especially proud of his involvement with the Tournament of Roses.  He has been a volunteer since 2007, serving the community of Pasadena as a “White Suiter”.  He is also a member of the Altadena Rotary Club.

Dr. Casci is married to Allison, who he met while attending the University of Nevada.  They have one daughter, Gianna, who attends St. Phillip the Apostle School in Pasadena.


Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles

Certified Personal Trainer, IFPA

University of Nevada, Reno

            Delta Chi Fraternity

Earl Wooster High School Reno, Nevada

Professional Affiliations and Service

Field Doctor, Local High School Football, Pasadena, CA

Team Doctor, Marshall High School, Pasadena, CA

Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Blair High School, Pasadena, CA

Consulting Chiropractor to Fitness Trainers and Gyms, Pasadena, CA

AYSO Youth Soccer Coach

Altadena Rotary Club

Tournament of Roses


Weight Lifting, Fitness, Plyometrics, Bicycling, Swimming, Hiking, Softball, Coaching

Chiropractic Specialties

Treatment of low back pain, arthritis, joint pain, ankle/shoulder sprains, headaches and biomechanic imbalances

Rapid Release Therapy

Flexibility training and exercise

Injury treatment and prevention

Techniques: Diversified, Activator, Gonstead, Thompson, Cox, Leander, Myofascial Release, Flexibility Training, Biomechanics


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